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Light is energy: imbibe it’s strength

What is light? Where do you see light?

Light is everywhere, you don’t miss it at anytime.

Light is energy.

Light is uplifting.

Light brings joy.

Light is plentiful.

Light is bountiful.

Light is a shower of blessing.

Light flows without limit.

It cleanses us.

It never stops and is never tired.

Sun is light. Sun is a ray of hope. Clouds try to hide the sun. But it is temporary, the sun will shine and overtake the clouds. Similarly a cloudy mind is temporary, you emerge stronger with the light within you.

We are lights. 

We see light in every aspect of our life.

We excel, propel and accelerate.

We see and catch light at every moment.

Light is a form of energy.

Energy is consciousness.

Energy is power, the inner power.

Energy is selfless and egoless.

Energy is unconditional.

In light, we see light.

In light, we are nurtured.

In light, plants animals and human beings exhilarate.

In light, we cook and eat.

In light, we are growing day after day.

Let’s imbibe the light.

The sky is bright and light, it never fails you. The day is filled with light and brightness, go with it. Let us fill our life with lights of hope and joy.

See the light. Look out for the light. The rays of light, the shower of light. Embrace, accept and get showered.

Be a light – a light to yourself and your closer ones & spread it wherever you go.

Share and spread the light. Look around. Today is light, the next day is light and everyday is light.

There is a treasure of light inside you. Gather that light. Turn it on all the time. It removes the fear. Ignite and grow. 

May you hold the lamp of light, candle of light, ray of light, and let your ambitions excel in this light, taking you forward and upward.

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